Introducing Codex.

The Smart Notebook for Your iPad.

  • Free-form Note-taking
  • Sketch & Write in Detail
  • Organize
  • Find Inspiration

Free-form Writing & Drawing.

Great ideas used to start on pen and paper.

Now they start in your Codex.

Write and Sketch detailed notes in your individual style. Annotate images. Illustrate and explore your ideas. Keep a Journal. Or just doodle, scribble and have fun.

Codex is the last notebook you'll need.

Express Yourself in Fine Detail.

No stylus required. Just Pinch-to-Zoom to get into the details.

Capture the fine details that make or break any idea. Write detailed notes. Draw the finer points of your designs and sketches. Create nuanced and subtle images.

Sharp and smooth display of your notes - even when zoomed in.

Codex is powered by an advanced Vector Ink system. Pinch to zoom, and you'll still get a silky smooth display of your notes.

Responds to Every Touch.

Codex doesn't just draw your notes quickly, it's a speed demon in terms of responsiveness. Capturing every stroke, line and dot as you draw it.

This makes it perfect not just for drawing sketches, but writing down notes and ideas too.

Stylus strictly optional.

Organize: Every Idea in its Place.

Codex lets you organize your ideas, however you want.

Assign Topics to your Notes. Give them a Title.

Filter your notes to show only those of certain Topics.

Arrange Your Notes Visually.

Prioritize your notes and ideas visually. Put the most important thing on top. Group related ideas together.

Just drag notes to reorder them.

Find Inspiration.

Codex is a search engine for your ideas.

Don't lose a great idea in a pile of old notebooks ever again. Quickly search through your notes by Topic and Title.

See the Relationships between Ideas.

Codex displays your notes in a grid, which you can search and filter. Scroll through your notes, and see them in relation to each other. This makes spotting trends and relationships, a snap.

Easy to Use.

If you've used Apple's Pages, Keynote or Numbers you already know how to use Codex.

Choosing Power over Gimmicks.

Sometimes a button is better than an imprecise gesture. (That's why we have Undo and Redo buttons). Built to get out of your way, so you can focus on creating amazing things.

Easy to use, and free of gimmicks, Codex delivers functionality and power. Designed exclusively for your iPad.

Express Yourself

Features to Unleash Your Creativity.


Choose the perfect type of paper for your project. Squared and Isometric paper can help you sketch out your designs with added accuracy. Or just use plain paper, and go totally free-form with your creativity.


Insert, resize and rotate multiple images in your notes. Annotate something cool you've seen, or highlight areas that need improvement. Or just keep your favourite and inspiring images in your Codex.


Your great ideas should be shared. Codex lets you email your notes, save them to your Photo album or even send them via a Tweet. It's never been easier for you to share your creativity.


For those times when you want a hard copy of your notes, sketches and ideas. Codex fully supports iPad's AirPrint technology, so, getting a hard copy of your great idea is no problem.

The Last Notebook You'll Need.


  • Hardcover, 3.5" x 5.5"
  • 1 Style of Paper
  • 192 pages
    (96 leaves)
  • Sewn Binding
  • No organization features
  • No Search




  • iPad Size
  • 5 Paper Styles
  • 1000s of Pages
    (Only limited by iPad storage)
  • Rearrange Notes at Will
  • Organize using Topics & Title
  • Built in Search Engine


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